2019 Bound For Glory DVD

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Cage vs. Callihan is a match that the world has wanted to see for quite some time. Brian Cage, the IMPACT Wrestling World Champion who has been sidelined with injuries during most of his Championship reign, is out to show the world that he is worthy of being World Champion. Sami Callihan, the Number 1 Contender, wants to be the face of the franchise so badly that he is willing to do anything to get there. Something has to give on Sunday.

Sami Callihan has sunk to lows we didnÕt know existed, he is sick, twisted and vile and his cult like following in Ohio love it. Everyone else? Well, most people see Callihan for what he isÉ a thug. A man who will cheat, lie and steal his way to Championship gold. Sami Callihan is violent. Pure and simple.

Brian Cage will rely on his power to out do Sami Callihan. Cage wants his feel good moment, he wants to vanquish Sami Callihan and get back at Sami for what he has done to his wife, Melissa Santos. Callihan has bad things headed his way.

It all goes to an epic showdown and perhaps conclusion in Chicago this Sunday. Both Cage and Callihan have made Chicago a second home for wrestling. The Second City has witnessed some incredible moments from both men, but what will happen on Sunday? With the World Title on the line? How will this one end?

Whatever the outcome, this DVD will definitely be one you'll want to add to the collection.