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IMPACT Wrestling’s biggest event of the year – BOUND FOR GLORY©. The annual supershow will emanate from Nashville this Saturday, October 25,

It is the stage where rising stars explode into the wider public consciousness and veterans reignite their legacies with historic performances. It is the biggest night for IMPACT Wrestling – and this year’s seven match card could well produce the greatest BOUND FOR GLORY ever.

The IMPACT roster is ready:


“Every industry has their big show. Hollywood has the Oscars. Music has the Grammys. NFL has the Super Bowl. MLB has the World Series. NHL has the Stanley Cup. NBA has the Championship. IMPACT Wrestling has BOUND FOR GLORY. It has always been the biggest show of the year for the company. Storylines end. Moments happen. And all the talent steps up to make an impact in the industry they love. I’m honored to be a part of another BOUND FOR GLORY because I love the heart and passion the wrestlers deliver year in and year out.”


“BOUND FOR GLORY always has a special feeling. It’s all about creating moments. Moments that will live on for years to come, moments that we will never forget, moments that will be around long after we are gone. Last year, I won the Gauntlet Match. I feel like that victory was my reset button. That win set me on my path to becoming the IMPACT World Champion for the second time.”


“BOUND FOR GLORY always will be special to me. I showed up unannounced at BOUND FOR GLORY in 2017 and helped make IMPACT Wrestling the talk of the wrestling world. When BOUND FOR GLORY comes around every year, you can always count on ‘The Draw’ Sami Callihan to do something you will never forget.”


“I get that little extra adrenaline when I referee at BOUND FOR GLORY, a few more goosebumps knowing that I am going to be a part of the biggest night of the year for IMPACT Wrestling.”


“I remember the day in 2007 when company executives told us that the Knockouts Championship was coming at BOUND FOR GLORY. I screamed out loud from happiness. At the event, all the girls came together backstage and had tears of happiness. It was the culmination of years waiting, hoping and working hard for a women’s division. It’s a memory that will last forever with me, not only winning the title, but it truly was the beginning of this amazing division that the company has continued to believe and invest in to this very day.”


“Headlining BOUND FOR GLORY is everything to me. I’ve trained so damn hard for this. I’ve going to soar higher than ever this Saturday. I’m bringing everything I’ve got to this match.”


“This is my fourth BOUND FOR GLORY. It’s IMPACT Wrestling‘s biggest night of the year, and every year IMPACT Wrestling tops what came before at BOUND FOR GLORY.

“It is an absolute honor to be part of this pay-per-view event. With all the great names in the past that have graced the BOUND FOR GLORY stage, to have my name in the history books, to say I’ve been a part of four BOUND FOR GLORY events is mind blowing to me. It is a dream come true.

“This roster will blow everyone away at this year’s BOUND FOR GLORY and when it’s over I will say….told ya so!”


“BOUND FOR GLORY represents new opportunity and a show where the best of the best compete. Being a part of its legacy was a goal I’ve had since becoming a wrestler – and this year I made it! And trust me when I say I will make history for MYSELF, just like the women before me did.”


“I was in attendance at BOUND FOR GLORY 2006 in Plymouth, Michigan as a fan. Now I walk into the 2020 event as X-Division Champion. That means A LOT to me.”


“BOUND FOR GLORY … where to start? I’ve worked and dedicated my entire life to professional wrestling; my kids have been fed from it and now I get to experience something special by being part of BOUND FOR GLORY. Through all my years, I cannot recall being more ready.


“BOUND FOR GLORY has been an event that all of us can’t wait to see … it’s now become even bigger, more personal. If ever there was a time to prove to the world who Larry D is, who Acey Baby is and exactly why we deserve to be where we are, BOUND FOR GLORY is not only an opportunity, but it is also a life a life-changer.”


“The history of BOUND FOR GLORY speaks for itself in moments from stars across the board like Sting, Angle, Styles, Hardy, Johnny Impact, Cage. And now the name ‘Bey’ will grace this list.

“I came to IMPACT to make history. So what better way to do it than on the biggest stage where the stars shine brightest and I can reclaim my X-Division, aka, the Finesse Division Championship?! The pressure is on, emotions will be running high, but Chris Bey is a Pressure Player. I’m a top-level star and I’ll shine the brightest on this huge event. This year BOUND FOR GLORY will be known as BEY FOR GLORY.”


“BOUND FOR GLORY is electric. It puts a whole other vibe in the air. So many talented people are part of its legacy. BOUND FOR GLORY became a special event for me when Gail Kim won the Knockouts Championship for the first time ever; that was a huge moment for me. Now I’ve gone from watching BOUND FOR GLORY on pay-per-view to watching people I love prepare for their BOUND FOR GLORY debuts and being a part of IMPACT. BOUND FOR GLORY is extra special to me this year.”


“BOUND FOR GLORY has an incredibly rich history; not just within IMPACT Wrestling but within the professional wrestling industry. BOUND FOR GLORY has so many legendary and groundbreaking moments that created stars all across the globe.

“In my humble opinion, none are more noteworthy than last year when I, The Inevitable Ace Austin, became this decade’s youngest X Division Champion at just 22 years old. It was that monumental victory that made it clear to the whole world who the INEVITABLE future of Impact Wrestling is.

“BOUND FOR GLORY is where destiny awaits those who are worthy to wear the crown. I will once again leave this event under the shower of glory that follows becoming a champion. After all.. it is #INEVITABLE!”


“A goal without a plan is just a wish. This year we faced incredible issues. IMPACT Wrestling didn’t just wish to bring the fans entertainment, we had a plan. We executed that plan. Now we are upon our biggest event – BOUND FOR GLORY 2020! If this year taught us anything, it’s not to take life for granted – I won’t take my opportunity in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet for granted. I have a goal, I have a plan and I will execute!”


“I am excited for BOUND FOR GLORY! It’s the biggest event of the year and I am looking forward to seeing all the great matches taking place. Looking back on previous years, one of my favorites was LAX vs The OGz in 2018. The entire feud had me on the edge of my seat and it was so hard to choose which side to root for. I looked up to Homicide, Eddie Kingston, Santana, Ortiz, Konnan and Hernandez for a long time and I loved everything they’ve done at IMPACT, especially for Latinos. As an Afro Latina, now it’s time for me to make my “Impact” at BOUND FOR GLORY.”